Are You a Candidate for Burnout?

Author: Sharon Melnick

Elite athletes, such as the two champions who recently operatedbeing productive while conserving energy at their peak performance for a five-hour tennis match, demonstrate an optimal natural pattern to their exertion. It is a Sprint/Recovery pattern, in which you focus intensely and then recover and replenish your energy by doing something that fully disengages the parts of your brain focused on work. It effectively rejuvenates you.


Create Balance with Spiritual Order

Author: Pat Sullivan

If you seek order in your life, forget logic and build around your purpose.getting rid of emotional and spiritual clutter


9 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

Author: Paul Wolf

Your brain is like a muscle that needs exercise. You can make yourself smarter by increasing neural connections through novelty and stimulation.

1. Read a daily newspaper, literary classics and the Web.9 ways to boost brain power
You grow smarter by reflecting on issues, events and people and forming strong opinions.

2. Associate with smart people.
Engaging in conversation with a smart person is like playing tennis with a superior opponent.

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