5 Questions to Solve Any Problem

Written by Pat Sullivan

best questions to solve any problemTreat yourself to these questions and successfully solve just about any problem. The answers are within you.

Spirituality is not about quick fixes. While it can help you discover options you'd previously overlooked, and even provide miracles, it offers more questions than answers.

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Take out a notebook and ask yourself these questions.
Are you hearing the wisdom of those around you?
Just asking the questions starts the answers flowing. They can come at anytime.
When a friend questioned the headaches that plagued him at work, he discovered his pain communicated not only dissatisfaction with his career , but frustration over unresolved issues with his father that were being played out with his boss. After he resolved these issues, his headaches went away. So did most of the problems with the boss.
Over the years I've found five questions that can help turn any problem into a stepping stone for growth and insight. These are:

1. What hurts?

2. What would it take to be whole again?

3. What can I learn from this challenge?

4. What allies and resources are available?

5. How am I called to serve?

Questions 1 and 2 ground you in realistic optimism as you face the depth of your hurt, and accept the possibility that being whole doesn't always mean getting what you want. Question 3 engages your mind and commitment to grow. Questions 4 and 5 invoke your creative curiosity and connect you to a source much greater than yourself.

Watch this video of Stephen Covey who gives advice on how to find what's most important to us. 

Responses can come anytime, anywhere. When I was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago, I discovered through spiritual questioning, the need for increased spiritual nurturing, as well as the need to be more receptive to the insights of others.

An important element of my healing came from a dream telling me to savor more the wonders of each day. During a recent morning when my husband and I helped his mother rake leaves, I practiced being fully present and was stunned by the results.

It seemed utterly natural then to give thanks for the opportunity to be with this wonderful woman (she lives across the country from us), and pray for her continued health and safety while we worked. Sometimes we laughed and joked; other times we were silent enough to hear leaves being chased across the pavement by our brooms. Just remembering the joy of that morning makes my body come alive again.

Thus, upon reflection, I offer additions to the first three questions:

  1. What joys do I feel?
  2. How can this joy help me and others heal?
  3. How can I learn and grow from the blessings in my life right now?

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