Find Your Gift

Written by Helen Whelan

Finding your passion can be a scary thing. We're often told to pursue our passion when we are young and starting our careers. Often what happens is that we don't even know what it is. For some of us, we stumble into something we're good at and we're off to the races making a good income, starting a family, etc. Add a couple of decades at the daily grind and we're really wanting for "what's it all about?"

Elle Luna is a young refreshing designer, artist and storyteller. She paints and has had a successful design career working for places like IDEO, which helped Apple design the mouse. IDEO is like the Harvard for design.

In this fascinating video, which lasts for 40 minutes, she actually takes her "problem solving" ability or the design process to break down into four elements how to find your passion and pursue it.  Got 40 minutes for yourself? Go ahead. It's well worth the time and then some.. 

Designers + Geeks: Find Your Must from Designers + Geeks on Vimeo.

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