Dream Your Way to Success - How to Lucid Dream

Written by Sierra Alvis

While some people are natural lucid dreamers, the rest of us have to work a little harder to achieve a conscious dream state. Here are some tips that may make the process less difficult.lucid dreaming

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Read Keelin's journal from The Lucidity Institute's Dream Camp.

Dream recall? The first step to lucidity is remembering your dreams. The more familiar you are with your dream's landscape, the easier it will be to recognize when you're there. Keep a journal of your dreams where you write every aspect of your dream the moment you wake up. Take note of repeating patterns and symbols.

Dream symbols? When you become aware of re-occurring dream signs, you can set your mind to recognize them when they occur. By looking for these signs in your waking life, like scanning the room for talking animals or childhood friends, you'll be more apt to do this in your sleep. If you spot a dream sign, you'll know you're dreaming.

Reality testing? Throughout the day, get in the habit of asking yourself, "Am I dreaming?" Check your watch or look in the mirror to help yourself decide whether this is a dream or not. This practice should encourage you to ask yourself this same question in your sleep, which can help lead to lucidity.

Rely on technology? Dr. Stephen LaBerge, from the Lucidity Institute, has developed several electronic devices that may help users to become lucid. For example, the Nova Dreamer, a device worn over the eyes that detects rapid eye movement, emits a flash of light or an audio cue when you begin to dream. If you learn to recognize these cues as one of your dream signs, you'll be more likely to become lucid.


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