Intuition and Energy from Song

Written by Pat Sullivan

If you're like 80 to 90 percent of the adult population, someone once helped you decide that you can't sing. What nonsense!

Whether you sing on key, your body, mind and spirit all benefit from singing. Singing naturally deepens the breath. It helps you get in touch with your intuitive side and moves energy through the body.

Jazz singer Cecilia Ottinger credits singing with helping her to overcome shyness. "Now the more I sing, the better I feel," she says.
Singing is also a powerful form of prayer and devotion. Hymns like Amazing Grace create instant community among people of diverse backgrounds through heartfelt words and sweet harmonies. Chants from many traditions evoke timeless wonder, even when listeners can't understand the words.

Robert Gass, author of Chanting: Discovering Spirit in Sound, notes many ways that chant transforms consciousness. "We chant our prayers to God, so that our lives may be graced by the more intimate Presence of the One known by so many names. We chant because it's fun. We chant to help the stress and freneticness of our busy lives melt away. We chant for the feeling of communion with others ... We chant to spread our wings and let our soul take flight." 

When you sing your heart out, you express the truth that's in your soul.
Singing heals yourself and helps to heal others.
Don't worry about singing "right," just sing full of heart.
Sing out your fear, your pain, your hope and joy.
Allow the sounds that come from your voice to vibrate throughout your body. Listen, and let the sound transport you to a timeless state of prayer.
Singing or chanting can be done almost any time, any place. Here are some suggestions to get started right now:

Don't worry about how it'll come out. Open your throat and make sounds: high or low sounds; vowel sounds; happy, sad or scared sounds.

Improvise. Put on any CD by Bobby McFerrin and imagine him encouraging you to trade your inhibitions for playfulness. Then turn off the CD and make up your own playful sounds.

Pay attention to the songs that float into consciousness "out of the blue." If you don't know the words, either hum the music or make up your own.

Create a chant by singing a meaningful word or phrase many times. Try this both sitting still in front of a lit candle or while walking.

Pat Sullivan is the President, Visionary Resources. She works with individuals and groups to help them discover and live unique spirituality.

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