Weightloss Advice: Try A Film Feast

Written by Keith Rockmael

Trying to stay on that diet? Note these films on your next Netflix order and begin a film feast that will fill your eyes, if not your stomach.

The smell of warm apple pie, the sound of crackling fire places and the layers of camouflaging clothing are the obstacles to sticking to a healthy diet in the fall. 

Don't relax on your regimen of celery and tofu. Try adding a lavish cinematic side dish instead.

If you can't have the real thing, these flavorful films will help you enjoy a vicarious feast:

Tampopo: This humorous Japanese flick satisfies the noodle lover in all of us. The story revolves around a trucker who rides into town á la Shane, except he arrives via truck. This mysterious stranger helps Tampopo set up the perfect fast-food noodle restaurant. Other parts of the film cook with delicious subplots, including a gangster who mixes hot sex and food.

Like Water for Chocolate: Another forging foodie film entry, this Mexican delight brings out the sensuality in cooking. Tita and Pedro want to get married, but Tita has to take care of her aging mother, so Pedro marries her sister. Tita is then forced to make the wedding cake, and as they eat the dessert, the guests are overcome with sadness. Soon, strange feelings come over people after they eat Tita's cooking.

Big Night: Two Italian brothers fight to save their failing restaurant in this yummy comedy. One of the brothers (a talented chef) refuses to make "ordinary" dishes, the dishes that customers want. So, in one last gasp, the brothers prepare to host a big-time jazz musician to draw a crowd. The chef prepares an amazing dish all in preparation for the Big Night.

Wedding Banquet: A gay Taiwanese-American man is forced to marry a Chinese woman for convenience sake in the comical Ang Lee film. He must marry because his pressuring parents want him to settle down with a woman, while his bride needs a green card. Complications arise when everyone arrives for a cross-cultural banquet.

See you at the movies or is that bon appetit?

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