Movies, Diets and Scaring Yourself Skinny

Written by Keith Rockmael

Here's some novel advice that will help you succeed to pass on the Milk Duds and butter-laden popcorn.

So, you want to fit into that new Sports Illustrated bikini (does anyone really buy those?) or those new Speedos? You pledge to start dieting. But soon your taste for decadent desserts will take hold. Then what will you do?

Advice on other films to turn off your palette:
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
Eating Raoul
You may be able to stave off those caloric cravings for the price of a video rental.

Run (see there's a few pounds gone) down to the neighborhood video store and feast your eyes on these anti-food films:

Night of the Living Dead: This classic George Romero zombie flick will kill any appetite, unless you have a hunger for human flesh. The story concerns the radiation from a fallen satellite that causes the recently deceased to rise from the grave. After being in the ground so long, these zombies decide they need snacks of the human variety pack. A group of scared Homosapiens must survive one scary night in an old farmhouse, as they try to not become hors d'oeuvres for the walking dead.

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: No matter how much you crave candy, and especially chocolate, you will find this deliciously dark chocolate comedy enough to make you swear off Wonka bars for a while. (Remember what happens to Augustus Gloop when he falls into the chocolate river?) When five kids (four brats and one good kid) win a tour through a mysterious chocolate factory, they receive and eat more than they bargained for.

Soylent Green: It's 2022, the population of New York City has swelled to 40 million. The greenhouse effect ravages the earth. Strawberries cost $150 a glass. (Isn't that what they cost at Wimbledon?) With food at a premium, the Soylent Corporation serves the masses with its various concoctions: Soylent red, yellow and, the most nutritious, green. Sure, it was Edward G. Robinson's last film. Sure, Charlton Heston overacted. But what we remember most is that "Soylent Green is people." Be happy with your tofu!

La Grande Bouffe: Four middle-age men venture to a villa to eat themselves to death. Over a period of days, these men literally shove excess amounts of food and drink into themselves and their eating partners. Toss in some hookers and a local schoolteacher, and you have one hell of a bloated party. Burp!

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