Body for Life with Portion Control

Written by Paul Wolf

Throw out your calorie counters. Try using the fist-and-palm method of portion control.portion control for dieting

 You hold the tools for creating healthy, balanced meals in your hands..literally!

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Use your hand not a measuring cup to figure how much meat or starch you eat.
When you're hungy, eat a fist of carbs and a palm of protein. You will feel full and lose weight because you won't be overeating. 
2 slices of bread or a tortilla is a "fist". Eat this with a "palm" of protein. Beans are great carb substitutes.
Eat as many vegetables: dark greens,oranges and reds as you like.
Bill Phillips, author of Body for Life, advocates using his fist-and-palm portion-control strategy, which goes something like this:

  • Eat a fist full of carbohydrate.

  • Eat a palm's worth of protein.

  • Include just enough fat to ensure you are satisfied.
  • Do this whenever you're hungry.

    The mission of this diet strategy is twofold: to control choices and control portions to avoid a pattern of overeating.

    Ken Peterson, a 48-year-old PR director, says the fist-and-palm approach gave his diet structure where none existed before. While he admits to straying occasionally, the portion-control system has become second-nature and most of the time he follows it automatically. He's lost over 20 pounds without counting any calories.

    So, what can you eat on this diet? Phillips calls two slices of bread or one tortilla a fist. A carbohydrate portion also is a potato, a small mound of rice, a piece of fruit, a small portion of oatmeal, and so on.

    The palm of protein can be a piece of turkey breast, a large dollop of low-fat cottage cheese, a textured-vegetable protein patty, a scrambled egg substitute or a piece of fish.

    When it comes to fat, remember that lean cuts of meat have enough so you can feel satisfied. Otherwise, a small amount of added unsaturated fat is good for you and will help you feel full, says Phillips.

    Phillips doesn't place any restrictions on fibrous veggies. Eat as much broccoli, cabbage and carrots as you like.

    Many weight-loss experts say eating frequent mini-meals is better than eating the old-fashioned "three squares" a day. The fist-palm approach is an example of discipline over deprivation and doesn't require a measuring cup! 

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