Successful Dieting While Traveling

Written by Paul Wolf

Don't let life on the road steer you away from whittling your waistline. Here's how to stick your diet when you're far from home.

You've been doing so well on your diet. You've dropped a few pounds. You're feeling motivated. You're determined to stay on track.

But there's temptation ahead. The next few weeks will be nothing but trains, planes and automobiles, as well as airports, hotel rooms and conference halls. Is your diet going to fall apart?

It shouldn't, if you know how to make the best of a bad situation. Don't let life on the road steer you away from a good diet.

"Pre-planning and smart choices are the keys to the whole thing," says Hope Warshaw, registered dietician and author of The Restaurant Companion: A Guide to Healthier Eating Out.

These days, Denny's serves Garden Burgers. You can visit fresh fruit stands at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. Even the Purdy's Hamburger Market and Grill in Dallas has a capacious salad menu including fat-free Italian dressing.

Call it the Big Gulp revolution, or as Newsweek termed it, "the Super-Sizing of America," but these new healthier choices are often made less so because they are sold in enormous sizes. It becomes more and more difficult to resist overeating, especially if our moms told us to clean our plates.

It's difficult to eat healthfully, but not impossible. If you've got a hectic travel schedule ahead, a little planning can go a long way toward helping you stick with your diet.

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