Chunky Women, Lots of Love!

Written by Lauren Long

Meet a group of bountiful babes who have made peace with their poundage, and are going after whatever their hearts desire.

Is it possible for a bountiful woman, a woman who doesn't fit the svelte stereotype, to find true love ?

It's a question psychologist Bonnie Bernell, a bountiful woman herself, explores in her book Bountiful Women: Large Women's Secrets for Living the Life They Desire.

Other Big Beautiful Women:
Camryn Manheim, "The Practice"
Queen Latifah, Movie star and Rapper
Ricky Lake, Actress and TV Host

Sharon, a woman profiled in Bernell's book, used to ponder that question. And she nearly boiled herself alive trying not to find the answer when she got talking to an attractive stranger in a Club Med hot tub.

"I didn't want to get out of the tub and let him see my body ... I hoped that I could outlast him, but he seemed so happy talking to me, I realized that he'd never get out of the tub," writes Bernell. "I waited and waited until I was about to pass out. I held on to the thought, 'I am attractive and valuable, inside and out.' " But it was either go, or be cooked goose. So she got out of the tub.

The next morning, Sharon saw him at breakfast with another woman and immediately assumed that she had been rejected. He and the woman approached Sharon. "Diane, this is the beautiful woman I met in the hot tub last night," he said. "Sharon, this is my sister. I've been raving about you all morning ... "

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