Alcohol Self-Help Advice on Martinis!

Written by Rita Kennen

Successfully change the way you make that James Bond elixir and get some health benefits to boot!

James Bond's preference for shaken martinis may have more to do with his continued good health than his preferred style of tipple. Before you make the delicate decision to shake or stir at martini time, consider this caveat.

Shaken martinis have stronger antioxidant properties than stirred ones.
Moderate consumers of alcohol appear to reduce their risk for heart disease, stroke or cataracts. 
For some mysterious reason, the antioxidant quality of shaken martinis appears to be superior to that of the stirred kind.

Colleen Trevithick and her colleagues from the University of Western Ontario examined gin and vermouth, the two main martini ingredients, and discovered that vermouth adds more antioxidants to the drink. The combination makes an even more potent potion. The findings were published in the British Medical Journal.

The martini investigation

The incentive for the study came from recent evidence suggesting that moderate alcohol consumption reduces your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, stroke and cataracts. It motivated researchers to investigate whether the natural antioxidant abilities of wine and whiskey are also alive and well in shaken and stirred martinis.

Clever scientific detective work reveals that antioxidant ingredients in shaken and stirred martinis are in fact lower than the ones found in Sauvignon blanc or whiskey. There is no substantial difference in antioxidant capacity between those two drinks.

Authors of the study also suggest that since James Bond doesn't suffer from cardiovascular disease, his lifestyle probably leans towards healthy and moderate drinking habits. They made no conclusions about eating the olives.

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