Pleasure and How to Access It More Often - Take Pleasure in Today

Written by Paul Wolf

Take time for pleasure.
Learn to free yourself from the tyranny of the clock. Take a recess from chasing goals. Make time for pleasure.make time for fun 

There are a hundred ways you can free your mind for pleasure. Many are simple: Watch the clouds roll by, soak in a bath with quiet music playing, or exercise outside.

More on taking time... 

Free yourself from the tyranny of the clock
Feel the air blowing, watch the clouds roll by, notice how good you feel as you'e walking.  

Breathe for pleasure.
Of all the techniques for building your pleasure skills, breathing is the most important, says Resnick. 

When we cut off breathing under stress we don't allow ourselves to exhale. We hold carbon dioxide in and feel stressed as a result. If you've ever had that "stale feeling" around 4 p.m., you may need some good deep breathing. 

Conscious, relaxed breathing can transform you. A simple technique includes taking a deep breath through the nose and releasing the soft exhalation slowly through the mouth. 

Move for pleasure.
A life of movement with a feeling of grace and conscious awareness is pleasure itself. Consider the obvious flowing physical arts such as yoga, tai chi and dance, and other activities you have long wanted to try, such as Pilatesor weight training. 

Laugh for pleasure.
Start with gentle breathing and work your way up to a strong belly laugh. Sit down to a 10-minute laughter session and see how much pleasure it induces. Notice how you can develop the skill of allowing more pleasure to flow through you. 

Turn stress into pleasure.
"Success in life comes from being able to relax during stressful times," says Resnick. 

Take those stressful moments as an opportunity to be courageous and you do more than build character. By consciously opening yourself to novel situations you create openness in your mind, body and emotions. You train yourself not to reject the world but to embrace it. 

Explore pleasures with all the senses.
Become a pleasure-lover by cultivating the myriad joys of the senses. 

Here are three examples:

  1. Ask for regular massages from your partner or give yourself massages with a device like the "ma roller." Zoom in on what feels good. 
  2. Give yourself permission to explore new ways of savoring sex, be it with a partner or solo. Experiment with toys and gadgets that feel good. Focus on the connection between breathing and deep feeling, letting go and sensual pleasure.
  3. Find new ways to explore neglected senses, such as smell and hearing. Pick up an instrument you haven't played in years, for example. 

Take pleasure in nature.
Raise your consciousness and you will experience more pleasure. The word consciousness sounds lofty, but all it really means is that we notice things. It's not hard work. It's just a matter of tuning in. Pleasure comes from observing the world around you, whether you are admiring a work of art or watching a bird in a tree. 

Take pleasure in sharing.
Don't deny yourself the unique joy of giving pleasure to others. Resnick stresses the joy of comforting people, being generous with hugs and overt expressions of support. Pleasure is contagious. Spread it whenever and wherever possible. 

As you learn pleasure skills, take joy in your progress. Pleasure is not an end in itself, but an important part of the journey. 

Do you deprive yourself of pleasure?

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