Spiritual Inspiration Self-Help Advice

Written by Pat Sullivan

Scriptures are not the only source of inspiration. Family traditions, books and other cultures offer ideas for you to create your own unique spirituality.

We're in the midst of an unprecedented increase in spiritual interest. 64 percent of Americans go online to search "spirituality." We're also profoundly changing how we view and practice spirituality. 

Prayer and Healing
Choose the spiritual path that is right for you.
Spiritual direction comes from many sources, including ancient scriptures and the guidance of your own heart.
To find your best spiritual path, pray for clarity about how to live with integrity, purpose and joy.  

When we were kids, spirituality was usually discussed only in the context of our own particular religion. Today, spirituality is commonly discussed and sought in everyday life and work; and the options for spiritual practice seem limitless.

We can deepen our commitment to the religion of our childhood even as we borrow customs from another faith. We can create an eclectic combination from the wisdom of many traditions. We can develop our own ceremonies and practices on a spiritual journey that evolves daily.

Underneath all authentic spiritual practices are some common questions:

  • How can I live with integrity, purpose and joy?
  • How am I called to do this in my vocation, my relationships, my creative and service pursuits?
  • How am I called to do this right now and throughout my life?

There is no one right answer to these questions. Sometimes guidance will come from stories and scriptures from long ago. Sometimes it will come from dreams or the inspiration of our own hearts. Sometimes our guidance will be clear and easy to follow; sometimes not. 

The important thing is to anchor yourself in your intent to live a spiritual life. Contrary to popular notions, you don't have to have a clear road map before you take your spiritual journey.

Indeed, many of your most satisfying moments will come from daring to go into the mysterious unknown armed only with your prayer to live and work with integrity, purpose and joy.

Step by step, you'll then find your way.

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Pat Sullivan is the President, Visionary Resources. She works with individuals and groups to help them discover and live unique spirituality.


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