Are you a candidate for burnout?

Written by Helen Whelan

Let's hope not. But, if you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed with too much to do and you're driving yourself hard, here are some tips to help you be more productive with less effort. And, we're not always talking about productivity at work. You'll see.

by Sharon Melnickhow to become more productive

Elite athletes, such as the two champions who recently operated at their peak performance for a five-hour tennis match, demonstrate an optimal natural pattern to their exertion. It is a Sprint/Recovery pattern, in which you focus intensely and then recover and replenish your energy by doing something that fully disengages the parts of your brain focused on work. It effectively rejuvenates you.  Read more on how to manage stress>>


Find the Positive in Failure

by Dan Johnston

When it comes to energy, drive and success, attitude is everything.  How do you view a setback?  It's the response more than the setback that will determine your future happiness and success.

You leave your old, secure job for a fresh opportunity at a hot new company. But one month later that hot company is out of gas and you're out of a job. An optimist would say, "Well, it's unfortunate, but it's just temporary. I have other possibilities. I did all I could."  This person bounces back from disappointment and stays motivated. 

Pessimists, however, look at the same setback and say, "This is terrible.  I'll never get over it. It just ruins everything.  I don't have what it takes for this business."  This attitude withers motivation and leads to despair and self-blame. Which style is yours?


Productivity Tip: Nap at Lunch

Wouldn't sneaking in a quick afternoon siesta when creative juices run low be dreamy? Even though a few quick zzz's can't replace a full eight hours, sometimes it's all I need to recharge. But alas, working at a fast-paced job makes even a mini-snooze virtually impossible.

Sometime, maybe sooner than later, weary clandestine nappers will come sneaking out of the closet.

"It's the no cost, no sweat way to better health," says psychologist William Anthony, nap expert and co-author of The Art of Napping at Work. The book was co-written by his wife, Camille, a workplace napper and president of the Napping Company.

Anthony doesn't advocate sleeping on the job. Here's what he suggests >>


9 ways to spice up your sex lifeNine Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

You used to make each other woozy; now you find it's more like snoozy. Rediscover your passion with these nine moves.

If your love life has become routine, try these nine ways to put the spark back in the sack.

1. Tell your partner your top 10 fantasies. Can't say them out loud? Write them down, suggests Tracey Cox author of Hot Relationships. She suggests that you each make a list of 10 fantasies, then trade lists with your partner. Toss out what you can't agree on. Rip the list into separate slips, and put them in jars for him and her. Take one out when the mood strikes. Read more for 8 more love tips >>


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