Deepak Chopra the Spiritual Teacher

Written by Paul Wolf

To millions, Deepak Chopra is a one-stop shopping destination for the spirit.

Multi-faceted, rational, ecumenical in outlook, and unfailingly optimistic, Chopra is the idealchopraphone spokesman for the Timeless in fast-moving times.

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Read about Chopra's new book, How to Know God

With 25 far-reaching books to his credit, Chopra can't be sold short as a mere mass-market phenomenon. He is as deep as he is broad, as lucid as he is learned, and, best of all, as accessible as he is successful.

By blending Western science and Eastern religion, Chopra makes God work in a modern setting. The Divine is both knowable and as distinct as everyone who ponders it.

Since he connects mind, body and spirit into an easy-to-hold package, living a "spiritual" life has never been more attainable. No matter what your background, you can always find his shelf at your local bookstore.

What sets Chopra apart from many other spiritual teachers is that he doesn't offer a quick-fix solution to personal growth. Instead, he encourages each of his followers to carve a personal path of self-discovery. Considering his popularity, that's no small mission, but Chopra, while not always admired by New Age critics, does it with a level intelligence that is hard to deny.

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