What Attracts Men Self Help Advice - Succeeding at the Mating Game

Written by Tina Caputo

Frank and Anne Vigneri

He:Is an artist who describes his age as "50something, with a capital S."

How they met: Frank met Anne at a friend's apartment in Los Angeles."I was fresh off the bus from Omaha," he recalls, "and three minutes after I got to my buddy's apartment, Anne busted through the door and said, 'Let's go to the beach in my Jaguar!'

What he loved about her then: "I was attracted to her tall gorgeous body, her aura and her pretty face. The car was secondary, for sure."

What he loves about her still: After 36 years of marriage, Frank still sees Anne as the beautiful, fun-loving woman he had the hots for in the '60s. "I totally fell in love with this tall, pretty girl," he says. "I'm still attracted to Anne for these same qualities, which have only gotten better and more enhanced. We also have a lot of fun telling jokes and making each other laugh. That's been the glue that's kept us going."

Her story: Anne says she's perfectly aware of her husband's admiration for her, and couldn't be happier. "I don't look quite the same in a bikini," she says, "but Frank still likes looking at me, which is marvelously, wonderfully flattering after all this time."
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