What Attracts Men Self Help Advice

Written by Tina Caputo

Real men give advice on what makes their wives attractive. It's not transforming your face or wearing a short skirt.  These couples make you want to get older!

A friend of mine once said: "If you want to hold onto a man, you'd better find a way to look like a 20 year-old for the rest of your life."

Sure, women like Cher can pull that off (often with a little help from a plastic surgeon, or perhaps a pact with Satan), but what about the rest of us mortals? Are we destined to become less attractive to the men in our lives with each passing year? Or could it be that our partners think we're hot stuff at any age?

According to advice columnist Deb Levine, looks do matter but they become secondary as men, and the relationships they're in, mature. "Men's tastes tend to evolve as they get older," says Levine. "That doesn't mean that a 50 year-old guy's not going to turn his head when a beautiful 20something woman walks by, but she's not necessarily who he wants to be with. He wants to be with somebody who is his partner and equal in every way, intellectually, as well as sexually."

David Schnarch, author of Passionate Marriage, agrees. "What a man finds attractive will very much depend, not on whether he's a 'leg man' or a 'breast man,' " says Schnarch, "but on whether he's becoming more of a man."

Frank Vigneri, Mark Roberts, Joe Dimitri and Sam Armor are four, long-married men who couldn't be more attracted to every part of their wives. They've succeeded at the mating game where many others have failed. So what's their story?

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