Men,Depression and Sex Life Advice

Written by Paul Wolf

Successful impotence treatments prove the penis is key to quality of life.
It's been said that men live through a certain organ, and it's not the brain. And who can blame them? Men are generally happier when they are sexually satisfied.

Myriad studies confirm this, according to Dr. William Steers, a urologist at the Virginia School of Medicine in Staunton.

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Most men find sex crucial to their happiness.
If you're having erectile dysfunction problems, you may need to consider treatment for depression.
Professional help may be your best bet for treating impotence. 
"Better quality of life reports are not surprising because we are dealing with a very important part of people's lives," he says.

The link between depression and impotence is so strong that

researchers at the New England Research Institutes in Watertown, Mass., urged the medical community to screen all patients with erectile dysfunction for depression.

Solutions to sexual problems result in greater happiness. Studies have found that men reported significant improvements in well-being, depression and self-control after three months on Viagra.

Steers says that even though the study was conducted by the drug's manufacturer, Pfizer, it was taken seriously by the American Urological Association.

Similarly, researchers at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C., found that penile injections for impotence, effective in 75 percent of cases, lead to better quality of life.

Steers says it is generally true that the better a man's sexual functioning, the happier he is liable to be.

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