How to Succeed with Online Personals - Seeing is Believing

Written by Jennifer Strailey

Seeing is Believing

Words, my friend, will get you only so far and "photo not yet available" arouses suspicion like a serial divorcee.

"You can write the most witty, insightful ad that says, 'I'm a Nobel Physicist and I think the Jets could still win the SuperBowl' and they'd still want to see a picture," says Brookins.

"The more pictures the better," enthuses Strauss. "With these tiny headshots, you don't know what you're getting."

To avoid feeling like the poster child for the unattached, use the photo as an opportunity to reveal more than how you look. Submit a photo of yourself rock climbing, hiking or doing another activity you love. And if it happens to show off your fab bod, all the better.

Strauss included photos of himself with his grandfather and nephew to complete his profile of a family man in the making. "It shows I have a good relationship with my family that I'm not De Niro in Taxi Driver."

Just Write It

All four singles agreed that when you're ready to put pen-to-paper or fingers-to-keyboard, the worst thing you can do is follow the advice of the dating service. Worse than sounding like 10 million other relationship-seekers, you'll sound as if you lack confidence, passion and a brain.

"I'm not into it, if they have to turn to for help," admits Strauss. "It's challenging to write a personal ad, but that's what makes it interesting, to see how each person wrestles with the challenge."

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