How to Succeed with Online Personals

Written by Jennifer Strailey

When it comes to online dating, success begins with a well-written personal ad. Here's how to avoid the common pitfalls and land the relationship you're after.

You're a single, fun-loving professional who enjoys good wine and walks on the beach. We're here to tell you nobody gives a rip. Least of all, the legions of singles combing and placing personal ads with online-dating services.

Life in the technological age moves ever faster, but if you're over 30 and single, the dating scene can creep along like Internet access without a cable modem. You've given up on meeting anyone in a bar. Your friends are getting married, having babies and throwing fewer and less exciting parties.  You dated a coworker once, but never again. So now what?

Registering with an online dating service begins to soundless crazy, maybe even like a good idea.

And it might be. Plenty of people, normal people, have met on the net. In fact, so many singles have started looking online for love - 22 million use an online dating service each month, according to Online Dating Newsletter.

The good news is 22 million singles are surfing for relationships. The bad news is half of them are your competition. How does one lovelorn pup stand out from the pack?

If you want to hear "you've got mail" let alone "let's move in together," you've got to start by writing an ad that attracts attention.

We talked to four single folks, two men and two women, experienced in looking for love and averting disaster with online personal ads.  Here's what they had to say.

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