What Some Women Want in a Man

Written by W. Blake Gray

Personal ads from your local newspaper might say even more about the requirements of our culture than a cheesy one-time game show. Do you fit the bill?ads women placed for dating men

All the ads below were printed in my favorite local newspaper, SF Weekly. Some women demand physical and/or personality types, but most Women Seeking Men ads seem to care only if the guy's "generous."

Beautiful Blonde looking for financial slave. I deserve everything; you expect nothing. Serious applicants only.

Exotic Geisha Girl Seeks Forbes' 400, Silicon Valley tech god for sponsorship. Prepare to be consumed pampering this princess with property, jewelry and travel. Discretion assured, serious only.

Sexy Beautiful Busty, elegant and well-educated woman, seeking one generous, successful executive for mutually rewarding relationship.

Ready 4 The Real Thing? Tired of misrepresentation? Got money to burn but need to spend it wisely? Blindingly attractive, intelligent, PhD student, seeking generous male for LTR arrangement.

Everything But The Girl? Let's change that. Smart, sophisticated, petite blonde, 34, seeks mutually beneficial relationship with successful professional, kind WM/AM. Let's be good friends and great lovers.

Beautiful Asian Artist seeks patron. 28, sweet, sexy, sensitive, smart, witty, worldly, creative free spirit seeks humane and generous benefactor. It's the age of Aquarius, turn your dreams into reality.

Spoil Yourself!! Exquisite, petite, blonde kitten and alluring Eurasian exotica, stylish, sexy, both with model looks, seeking ongoing arrangement with a very wealthy, generous benefactor for dining, shopping and travel.

Model Type seeks millionaire. Beautiful, sexy, sophisticated blonde seeks generous gentlemen as benefactor of the arts. Serious only.

Beautiful Young elegant, white lady seeks generous, successful, WM benefactor under 55, who thinks nothing of paying my bills, buying tailor-made clothes and trinkets from Cartier. Serious only.

Oh, sorry, I wasn't fair to these women. They don't just want a "generous" man; many also want him to be "serious." All you multimillionaire pranksters need not apply — they'd surely reject you on the spot. They have standards, you know.
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