Summer Lovin' Advice

Written by Jon Sindell

There must be 50 ways to find your summer lover. Here are some good ones while giving back.

Ah, summertime, a time for love, which is not just a figment of our overheated imaginations.

"There's definitely more romance in summer," says Carole Shattil, owner of a San Francisco matchmaking service, "because people are at ease, outdoors more, and taking vacations."

More Strategies For Finding Summer Love
Matchmaker deluxe Carole Shattil advises, "Explore activities you've never done before, because opposites attract."
Take a hike: "Sierra Singles" chapters across the country serve Sierra Club members who don't mind the over-the-top nature of "singles" events.
Ride a bike: Take a group biking trip.
Kick your shoes off: Attend a multiday outdoor music festival. Bluegrass festivals are a great time and good way to meet.  
True. But you'll need a good plan if you want to turn your Summer Place into a love shack, or it may just turn into a long, lonely summer.

The following strategies for finding summer love are based on the summer camp formula that worked so well long ago at Camp Wannakissyoo: doing things you love with a large group of possibilities over days or weeks in the hot summer sun.

Invest In Summer Stock
If you love the theater, this is your ticket. Summer stock companies can always use help, whether your talent is acting, costume design or painting scenery. And while you're getting your artistic jollies, you just may meet your leading man, too. That's just what happened to one amateur actress who met her husband while working on A Midsummer Night's Dream (naturally). "I fell in love with his Bottom," she says.

Raise The Roof
Volunteers with the nonprofit Habitat for Humanity have built more than 90,000 low-cost homes in America and around the world since 1976. Summer weather means lots of building, lots of satisfaction and potential for bonding, too.

Pack It In
The Sierra Club's Outings Program sponsors more than 350 group outdoor adventure trips a year, most lasting a week or so. Imagine backpacking, canoeing, kayaking or rafting with a like-minded group of nature lovers. Imagine the campfire, the s'mores ... the stars! Most trips cost just a few hundred bucks (travel's extra).

Save The Earth
Sierra Club service trips allow groups to restore trails, gather data for environmental impact studies while rafting, no less! You can map canyons, restore wilderness areas to pristine condition and save the earth in numerous other ways. It's hard to miss the romantic potential of a trip to Hawaii to study the breeding of humpbacked whales.

You may or may not find love in these ways but you'll definitely love how you spend your summer.

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