Appreciating Mom Beyond Mother's Day

Written by Nancy Whelan,PT

Each year we go through the ritual of acknowledging our moms on Mother's Day. But how can we demonstrate this love and ever lasting appreciation throughout the year?

Recently, I have been spending more time with my mom. Instead of buying my mom gifts or flowers, which are always happily accepted, I thought about the times that I saw my mom the happiest. I thought I would try to re-create those moments with my two brothers. happiest I've seen my mom is when she is telling us about when we were little and all the fun times we had. She would tell us what good kids we were on the short train ride from New Jersey into New York City. She reminisced about how once we were in the Big City, we would just take in all the fast-paced action happening around us. Sometimes, even home movies will re-surface of us going to see Santa around Christmastime.

I must admit I really enjoy this time with my mom and brothers and I know my mom does too. Nothing would make my mom feel more appreciated than going through old pictures, home movies, and just memories that have stuck with us as kids. I plan on frequently telling my mom how much I appreciate the fact that we can still do these things together, and that we have great memories of feeling loved and happy when we were with her.

Think about the times you have seen your mom the happiest. Where were you and what were you talking about? Mostly likely just talking about good times from the past will make mom happy and feel appreciated for the time spent with her kids. Happy Mother's Day every day of the year, MOMS!

Nancy Whelan,PT is the owner and director of the West Palm Beach Physical Therapy Center. She has 31 years of experience in the practice of Physical Therapy.

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