How Being in Love Really Counts

Written by Susan Shapiro Barash

It is heady stuff to be truly in love and most women describe it as a necessary component, whether married, in a long standing monogamous relationship, or just beginning to date someone. Not that there aren’t other pieces of the pie that count, but women in our culture place such a premium on passion and longing. In fact, we’re sold on the idea – influenced by the media, our friends, our mothers, fairy tales and our own innate desire to have passion in our lives.being in love

And while being in love is about an emotional connection, intimacy and chemistry, many times women place a premium on the chemistry. Women are very invested in this component. I’ve heard women who are dating say they will walk away from someone if there is no chemistry. This is a deal breaker and enough reason to cross the guy from the list. And this applies to women of all ages, not just young women who might be more idealistic about their relationships.

However, it can be misleading to believe that chemistry is the same as romantic love and intimacy. Read More

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