Parenting Advice to Avoid the Morning Meltdown

Written by Kyle Noone

Experts advise that the best way to avoid the morning meltdown is to simplify and purge your kids closet.

The definition of "sim·pli·fy": To make simple or simpler, as in:

    1. To reduce in complexity or extent.
    2. To reduce to fundamental parts.
    3. To make easier to understand.
All parents are familiar with this classic morning ritual:

"Come on, honey, get dressed. We have to go soon."


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Pack and store clothes from other seasons
Let your child choose clothes from what's there for that season.
Less, in this case, is definitely more!  
"Hey Ma, I wanna wear my Pokemon T-shirt."


"It's too cold for that. Put on your sweater."


"Mo-om, I wanna wear the T-shirt!"


"Too cold, darling. Put your sweater on."


"Mom, I'm going to wear my T-shirt."


Fifteen minutes later, you've got a crying kid on your hands, and you're late for work again.


To avoid this mini-crisis, put aside some time during the year to purge your child's closet and pack away clothes that won't cut it during the present season. Wave adios to heavy sweaters in summer, kiss tank tops in December good-bye.


Let your young ones pick their clothes, but limiting their options to things you'll approve of is a great way to simplify the morning routine and avoid wardrobe arguments.


It's about simplicity, the art of living with less but having more.






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