How to Spot a Good Nanny

Written by Sierra Alvis

Read the nine qualities every nanny should have.
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We all want the best childcare for our kids, but do we know what to look for? If you can spot these qualities in your nanny, you're probably on the right track.

  1. She speaks to your children with respect. A nanny should use language kids understand, without belittling them.

She laughs easily. Being light-hearted and good-natured will help her find humor in even the most stressful situations. 

Watch this video on priorities and children.

She wears functional clothes. Her clothes reflect her willingness to play and get dirty, while allowing her to be quick on her feet.

She's patient. Your nanny must stay calm under extraordinary circumstances.

She listens. She respects your child's right to speak and be heard.

She celebrates accomplishments. She understands that even the smallest achievements, from remembering to say, "please," to clearing the dishes, deserve recognition and praise.

She knows when to ask for help. She knows her limits. When she's overloaded, she'll tell you.

She's creative. Remember when Mary Poppins made cleaning fun? Your nanny should be equally resourceful.

She cares. When you come home from work, does your nanny speed out the door, or does she spend an extra few minutes reviewing your child's day with you?

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