Follow Your Passion? Maybe Not.

Author: Heather Kim

We’re often told that following our passion is the route to happiness in your career and life. That’s great news if you know what your passion is. But, many of us either at the beginning of our career or in mid-career, don’t know what our passion is.

For the young, there are so many options but little experience so it’s tough to know what passion to pursue. For those of us in mid-career, laid off, or transitioning to what’s next after raising a family, the question of passionate purpose can still remain a mystery.


Assisting My Father to Better Living

Author: Marci Garson

By Marci Garson

When I called my father on his 89th birthday, he was too busy to talk- he was working out in the Assisted Living choicesgym.  When I visited him a few months later, he took me to a hometown bar in downtown Frederick, Maryland- clarinet in tow- and proceeded to jam into the night with a band of musicians barely half his age.

Music is not my Dad’s only passion; a microbiologist, he invented the original typhoid vaccine in 1971.  He had been fit, determined and disciplined until a mini stroke took the wind out of his sails; wind he needed to blow his beloved horn.


Adjusting Your Bike to Become "Bike Fit" Without the Pain

Author: Nancy Whelan,PT

So, you want to start a workout involving bike-riding. Before you do, you want to make sure you can go the distance without discomfort or injury to your knees, back or neck.proper fitting to ride a bike

There are quite a few measurements that should be taken to avoid any "bike-fit" injuries. Some posture tips for a comfortable bike ride have to do with handle bar placement and seat height. Read More

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