Productivity Tip: Nap at Lunch

Author: Rita Kennen

Advice on snoozing at lunch to regain your mojo. Forget working out, take a nap!

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Business Dining

Author: Judy Colbert


business meals and etiquetteYour mother told you never to talk with food in your mouth and to ask to leave the table. But who was there to guide you during that first business lunch years ago?

Chances are you winged it, quit eating when everyone else did, tried not to spill your drink and have continued to do so all these years. But now you're doing the inviting -- and the paying. So maybe it's time to go back and learn the right way to conduct a business meal, to teach those young turks how it's done, of course.

Anyone, even your CEO, could use a business dining etiquette primer. After all, good manners are good business. Here are some basic suggestions:

Cell Phone Etiquette, If You Care

Author: Stu Watson

Sure you're busy and you want to stay in touch with loved ones or work.  But, do you really want to get the evil eye from fellow commuters or shoppers when you're talking so loud?  

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