Great Questions for the New Year

Author: Success Television

As we look to a brand New Year, it give us an opportunity to re-invent ourselves. There’s always something we want more of or to fix in our new year's questions for self improvementlives.  While many people want to lose weight or get more fit, we know that the best way to unearth great ideas for improvement is to ask ourselves good questions. Charlie O'Donnell, founder of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, offers some ideas for what he wants to accomplish in the New Year. Try this out for yourself:

  • Three people I’m actually friends with that I would like to be better friends with.
  • Ten people I should know, but don't.
  • Five people I’d like to help be successful.
  • Three things I’d like to learn.

Avoid Re-injury with Corrective Exercise!

Author: Krista Magnoli, PTA

What is corrective exercise and how could it benefit you? Corrective exercise works for sports professionals,corrective exercises for sports injuries weekend triathletes, and everyday people. This type of exercise finds and overcomes the imbalances and impairments that lead to injuries and that make you less efficient and less powerful when you exercise or compete.

It is very common to have an injury, recover, and then re-injure the same area again. For athletes and everyday people, this can be extremely frustrating. To avoid re-injuring the same area the limitation or restriction needs to be identified first, and then corrected. Working underactive muscles and stretching overactive or tight muscles is where the "correction" comes into play. Read More


Follow Your Passion? Maybe Not.

Author: Heather Kim

We’re often told that following our passion is the route to happiness in your career and life. That’s great news if you know what your passion is. But, many of us either at the beginning of our career or in mid-career, don’t know what our passion is.

For the young, there are so many options but little experience so it’s tough to know what passion to pursue. For those of us in mid-career, laid off, or transitioning to what’s next after raising a family, the question of passionate purpose can still remain a mystery.

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