What It's Like to Live with Alzheimer's

Author: Helen Whelan

A compelling and chilling video on one journalist's story of how he's living through a diagnosis of Alzheimer's.  This disease along with dementia will cause the deaths of one in three seniors.  Yet, there's no cure. Meanwhile, we're facing an onslaught of aging boomers.


How Not Making a Choice Can Fuel Inertia

Author: Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert

Jill grew up with parents preaching, “Never follow the crowd just because that’s the popular thing to do.” Jill was solving jigsaw puzzles at the age of two (“too bright”), she was a tomboy (“too boyish”) and a Jew living in the “wrong neighborhood” (“too Yankee”). The eldest of four children, her two brothers relentlessly teased her, and she confesses she never dated in high school.making good choices to combat inertia

Like many young women, Jill had a “when I grow up” scenario. “After graduating from high school I will go directly to college, graduate at twenty-one, marry two weeks later, start my first engineering job, have children, work for the same company, receive appropriate raises, retire at sixty-five, and then die.” One of only six women in her graduating class, Jill thought she was on her way to career advancement and life fulfillment. Nevertheless, her agenda ran headlong into reality. Her first job lasted only five years. Extensive treatments for infertility yielded no results; then, she divorced after eighteen years of marriage.

With her mythology of success obliterated, Jill found herself stuck in the paralysis of inertia.


Attachments and How They Undermine Your Courage!

Author: Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert

If there were one item you could take with you when you pass on, what would it be?decisions about life passion

My dear and gracious friend “Aunt Gert” said many times, “Honey, you ever seen a U-Haul truck pull up with the Hearse?” You cannot take it with you! “ An attachment, writes Anthony De Mello in Awareness, is a belief that without something you are not going to be happy. Once you get convinced of that—and it gets into our subconscious, it gets stamped into the roots of our being—you are finished.” 

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