Remembering and Honoring Our Soldiers

Author: Lee Ellis

“This was the protective shelter they used to avoid incoming rocket attacks launched by N. Vietnamese communist soldiers who infiltrated the mountains near our base.remembering soldiers Doug Condit, on my right, was my close friend and roommate in Vietnam. He went missing on 26 Nov 1967, 19 days after me. Doug was flying with another great guy, Col. Bert Brennan, USAF when their plane went down over North Vietnam. They both were declared Killed in Action after the war.”


What's It Like to Be Homeless

Author: Ashley Ball

Dacia Adams gives us a first-person look at being homeless and food for thought.homeless perspective


The Case for Quiet

Author: Rena M. Reese

Well my friends over at Affluent Magazine have done it again. The latest issue of Affluent is gorgeous.  I have said it before that this magazine feels so fabulous to hold. The cover is velvety soft, the content is varied and wonderful and the photos are always stunning.  Below is my article in this issue that appears in my regular column.  Be sure to click the cover image to enjoy Affluent as an online flip book and see my article on pages 50 and 51.

The Case for Quiet

More than a decade into the new millennium it is clear that time for silence in our daily lives is becoming more elusive.  Our easy access to technology, information and entertainment overtakes our ability to tune out, shut off, and dare I say, silence it all.

You are in good company if the comfort of your smart phone ear buds has become just as important as the comfort of your shoes—if not more so.  After all, it seems that our attachment to our continuous stream of information has moved from the nice-to-have category to the must-have.  This truth has us accessing information while at the gym, during our commute and doing other activities.


Finding Happiness Through the Back Door

Author: Paul Wolf

The harder we pursue happiness, the faster it runs away. But take a less direct approach and it can be yours forever. Here's to find happiness


5 Questions to Solve Any Problem

Author: Pat Sullivan

best questions to solve any problemTreat yourself to these questions and successfully solve just about any problem. The answers are within you.

Spirituality is not about quick fixes. While it can help you discover options you'd previously overlooked, and even provide miracles, it offers more questions than answers.

Motivational DVDs


Want to live a purposful life? Need more balance in your life for friends and family? Success comes in many forms, defined by you.  Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, explains how to integrate the 7 habits into your life in this motivational DVD. 

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