Discovering God and Spirituality

Author: Anneli Rufus

God, spirituality, success in pushing our edges. Advice on our greatest, empowering venture.


Vision Quest Personal Growth Self-Help Advice

Author: Paul Wolf

One woman's story of searching for strength by going on a vision quest. Think bugs, water, no bed. What did she get out of it?

Excavating the Authentic Self

Author: Ashley Ball

We're a questing society. Judging from our response to Simple Abundance and Something More: Excavating the Authentic Self, Sarah Ban Breathnach's books give us the something we've been seeking. What are we getting out of it? Ourselves.women's voices in literature


Deepak Chopra's Key to Success

Author: Dan Skeen

deepak chopra on finding your successBest-selling author Deepak Chopra explains how we can have it all.  But,we have to change our thinking and our approach.


How to Live Up to Your Full Potential

Author: Rena M. Reese

plug into your potentialAcorns seem to offer the perfect analogy to illustrate the word “Potential”.  The first person ever to hold this tiny seed could never have imagined the towering oak that would come from such a tiny package. Even the most future-minded thinker would not be able to fathom the mighty oak destined to emerge. 

Motivational DVDs


Want to live a purposful life? Need more balance in your life for friends and family? Success comes in many forms, defined by you.  Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, explains how to integrate the 7 habits into your life in this motivational DVD. 

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