When a Bad Mood Isn't So Bad

Written by Paul Wolf

Moods and decision makingHappiness is overrated; ride that wave of woe. Just don't fixate or make big decisions.

Sometimes a mood is just a mood.

But most of us spend too much time trying to fix a rainy-day mood as if it were a leaky faucet.

Think long-term goal versus immediate gratification .

It will give you perspective.

Go through your moods. Life isn't always filled with happy moments.
Give of yourself. Sometimes making someone else feel good is just the anitdote you need.
Don't change your life when you're in a bad mood. 
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In a culture that believes every problem has a solution, often we make the mistake of thinking that the sooner we resolve our problem the sooner we'll leave our bad mood behind.

We tell ourselves things like, "When I get a new job, then I'll be happy."

What we really need to do is let the mood pass on its own steam before making hasty decisions.

"People have the idea that if they only did A, B and C, their bad moods would all be cured," says Jerry Minchinton, author of Maximum Self-Esteem. "That's an unrealistic expectation. Moods are a part of life."

This isn't to say there aren't problems worth solving, says Minchinton. The hazard is when you make resolutions that are aimed at feeling better now as opposed to doing what's right in the long run.

Maybe your current job is the best place to be even though it has drawbacks. When you rush to fix a bad mood, you may block good decision-making.

When you tinker with your temper, you also run the risk of turning your little problem into a major life crisis. With bad moods, "the more force you put into it, the lower you sink," writes Richard Carlson in You Can Be Happy No Matter What. "It's easier to let your moods change than to change your life."

In the end, it's better to recognize the garden-variety passing mood. Don't turn your life upside down just to escape a moment of unpleasantness.

As Carlson says, "With an understanding of moods, we can learn to be appreciative of our highs and graceful in our lows."

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