Conquer Fear by Accepting Your Imperfection

Written by Pat Sullivan

Frustration and your own imperfections are a perfect starting place for a more joyous life. Sometimes life can be like a bad case of writer's block. You know there's something meaningful you're called to do or say, but you don't know what it is. Perhaps you have a moment of clarity, but somewhere between the idea and the execution, you lose it.

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The best moment to begin discovering and doing more of what matters most to you is right now.
Find meaning and joy in being yourself. Embrace your faults, as well as your gifts.
Treat frustration as a signal that your soul is calling you to something much richer than what you now know.
Don't let fear or lack of direction stop you from making a difference in your life and the lives of others.
Go toward your fears; let your caring unblock your creativity and your sense of direction.  
Either way it's frustrating. Your inspiring words get stuck in your throat. Yourconquer fear by forging alliance and accepting your imperfections creative ideas get lost in your brain. Your longing to serve gets postponed until you think you'll have more to give, or more time to give it.

By now, you've undoubtedly developed efficient ways to escape frustration like this. Chocolate-covered doughnuts perhaps, long to-do lists, or obsessing about your bank balance.

Everything changes the moment you stop running from your equivalent of writer's block and choose to face it. Stop waiting and start living more fully. Here's how:

Penetrate the many disguises of fear and doubt. Don't be stopped by advice like, "Don't bother visiting your sick friend. You won't know what to say, and you'll just make him feel uncomfortable." Call or visit that friend now. Let your caring untie your tongue.

Accept frustration as a sign that you've stopped taking dictation from your inner voice of the status quo. Now it's time to listen to the guidance of your soul . As you develop fluency in the language of your own soul, your direction will become clearer.

Don't let perfectionism stop you from doing your best right now.

Trying to be perfect isolates you from others and stifles creative courage. When you accept your imperfections, you're more honest and resourceful. You make room for allies and fruitful dialogue. Creative courage, honesty, resourcefulness, the ability to forge alliances-these are some of your best assets, and they're all much more satisfying than perfectionism.

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