Get Rid of Negative Energy

Written by Pat Sullivan

by Pat Sullivan

What would you like to leave behind as you move forward in your life? How about heavy grudges orget rid of negative energy that block vision crippling fears?Limiting beliefs that block your vision of what you are called to do with your life?

Here's a simple ceremony for lightening your load and de-cluttering your spirit:
  • After a walk or other enjoyable exercise, gather a few dozen pieces of beautiful paper, a pen and a candle. Add flowers if you wish.
  • Sit comfortably. As you light your candle, affirm, "I choose to see clearly what I need to release in my life."
  • As thoughts come to you, record them on separate pieces of paper. Get specific; for example, "I want to forgive Jane for the breakup of our friendship," or "I pray to know how I am called to serve my church" or "I'm willing to do whatever is necessary to heal the relationship with my son."
  • When you are through writing, select one paper and envision the result of that release. How will your life be different when you have forgiven your friend? When you know your calling at church? When the relationship with your son is healthy?
  • When you are ready, burn the paper and give thanks for the release of that issue in your life. Repeat the process until all your papers are burned.

Adapt the ceremony as needed. Perhaps you'll burn one paper now. You may want to reflect or pray for many days before you're ready to burn another. Whatever your pace, as you liberate the stuck places in your life, you make room for new visions , new energy, new blessings in many forms

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