Transform Your Life

Written by Ashley Ball

Be the boss of you. Use success tips from the business world; hold fast to your resolutions for change. Move toward something positive.boss of you to achieve your goals

When friends who don't know their own social security numbers can recite your "usual"  resolutions by rote, it's a sign something's not working. This year we were bound and determined to erase that "Lose 10 pounds" from our repeat-resolution list.

We started with a few surreptitious peeks at self-help in our local Barnes & Noble, but it seemed so sappy. Our goal demanded a dignified, businesslike treatment: We're the manager of this operation. How do we make it work for us?

Our searches for hard-nosed advice led us to the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies tips on performance management. Applied to our personal resolutions, they read like this:
  • Don't overload on resolutions. Make one or two.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • View the resolution as a chance to try new things: resolve to start doing something, not to quit doing something.
  • Examine what stopped you from success in the past and work toward eliminating that block.
  • Make sure you are personally motivated. Don't internalize suggestions from others; make your goal something you've been wanting to achieve for some time.
  • In case of a lapse, don't scrap the whole plan. Start anew the next day, and chalk it up to being human.

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