Intuition Your Inner GPS

Written by Lauren Long

Your intuition means a lot more than just a gut read. It can save your life.

Auntie Mame got it right when she said, "life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death." But we don't have to go hungry. Intuition is what we need to enjoy this feast.

Tap into the Meaning of Your Life
Questions to Ask Yourself
Learn to develop your sixth sense and use it to land the job, relationship and good health you're after.
Meditate at least 20 minutes a day so you can hear your wisdom.
Find a way to enjoy nature.
Intuition is our inner voice of wisdom. It's what takes us to the inner edge, to a level of mind that allows us to access information beyond our intellectual grasp.

Laura Alden Kamm is one woman who has gone to that edge and returned with a sixth sense. After a near-death experience from a sudden illness in 1982, Kamm emerged with the gift of clairvoyance. Although her illness had left her partially blind, she could "see" into others' bodies, right down to the cellular level, often before incipient disease had a chance to develop.

Her gift sounds like the stuff of a made-for-TV-movie. And, in fact, life for Kamm is a bit like knowing the ending of a movie before it's begun. "I see internal movies in my mind's eye and I get a sense of what is happening with [someone]," describes the medical intuitive from Scottsdale, Ariz. "I can feel the person's emotions. Sometimes my body feels the physical symptoms like heart palpitations, headaches, nervousness. I get a sense of knowing. I don't know how I know, I just know."

Kamm's newly discovered intuition was quickly in demand. Physicians and lay people called upon her skills as a medical intuitive, healer and educator. She developed a healing system known as Intuitive Therapeutics, which she describes as a course in energy medicine to reconnect individuals to their intrinsic energetic patterns.

 Medical intuitives are typically used when conventional medicine can't find the cause or cure. But as more people become dissatisfied with conventional health care in this country, they are increasingly turning to alternative and nontraditional practitioners, like intuitives who offer something more.

Dr. Mark Hoch, a family physician who also practices holistic care in Manhattan, consults with Kamm and has referred patients to her since they met at a lecture she gave for physicians in Phoenix. Troubled by the deteriorating condition of a patient with breast cancer, Hoch put Kamm on the case.

"I talked to Laura over the phone and told her that the woman had pain in her arm. I thought the cancer had spread to her arm. And Laura said 'the cancer is in the bone in her arm and in three bones in her spine as well.' Laura also described a 1-inch-round area in the right bone in her pelvis where the cancer had spread," recalls Hoch.

The next day the patient went for a bone scan and a CT scan. Three days later, the results arrived. "In every single place Laura had said there was cancer, it was exactly where she said, down to the size and shape," remembers Hoch.

So are physicians trading stories of clairvoyance at conventional medical conferences? "Probably not," says Hoch. "We're seeing more doctors work with people like [Kamm], but it's still a small number." He's convinced that number will grow. "That's what people want. We're in a more spiritual time now," he says.

Just look at the films America is lining up to see: The Sixth Sense, The Green Mile, Unbreakable. "This stuff is everywhere," observes Hoch. "It's really the public that's creating the demand for medical intuitives out there, and I don't think it's an exaggeration to say it's going to be more common place in 10 years."

That said, Hoch believes we need to approach the field of medical intuition with a degree of skepticism. "A lot of people say they're a medical intuitive and they're only right 10 percent of the time and that's dangerous." In other words, says Hoch, if an intuitive identifies a problem, you still get the MRI to verify the diagnosis.

A medical intuitive does more than locate the source of disease or discomfort. He or she also determines whether that source is physical, emotional or a combination of the two. "I'm empathic; that means I feel everything. I feel my client's emotions, which are components of the causation of the disease or disorder," explains Kamm.

In her book, A Step-by-Step Guide to Intuitive Wellness, Kamm writes about female clients with breast cancer or diseased thyroid glands or ovaries, whose illnesses she believes are the result of emotional issues, such as distorted body images, abuse, and the inability to own and speak their truths.

"We can say that by holding in your truth and hanging onto negative emotions you can potentially enhance the presence of disease or disorder within the body," asserts Kamm. "This is the theory of energy medicine. Emotions and nutrition and toxic elements in the environment affect the chemical responses within the body. Stress hormones including cortisol and adrenaline are released."

By developing our intuition, we tap into a well of self-healing power. For this reason, Kamm encourages her clients to think of illness as an opportunity. "[Illness] allows you to take some time and look at the way in which you have been living your life and see whether you are living the most joyful way you could," she says. If you're not, think of what you will do with a second chance at life.

One year ago, Jyl Steinback, a cookbook author who lives in Scottsdale, Ariz., decided it was time she got in touch with her intuition. "I wanted to better myself and to get more in tune with my inner self," she says.

To do this, Steinback sought the help of medical intuitive Laura Alden Kamm. "Laura taught me techniques to handle difficult situations in life such as stress tools and intuitive tools to get more in tune with my body and with what I want in life, " says Steinback.

Before these exercises in the self-discipline of serenity, Steinback would analyze problemsand situations to death. This habit kept the problems alive and her stress level up. Now that Steinback has intuition on her side, all that has changed. "I can calm myself down in a matter of five minutes now before it would take days to calm down."

Steinback says her intuition has deepened, improving the clarity of answers she receives in her life and guiding her in better directions. "I am not as impatient and I don't jump into things," she says. "I've become more aware of answers that are right in front of me. I trust my judgments more and know that I have all the answers inside, if I slow down long enough to listen."

We need to slow down and develop our intuitive ability in order to discern the information that is coming at us at such a high speed today, says Kamm. "A lot of people are overworked and overwrought and can't quiet their minds enough to think about where they should go in life." 

Developing intuitiontakes self-discipline and people may need to work on that for a while. "You need a genuine desire to wake up," says Kamm. When you do, you'll reap the reward of intuition: discernment and the ability to chose the right path.

We've all heard of a woman's intuition, but where does that leave men? Do women have greater intuition or has the culture given them permission to develop this higher faculty, while denying men access?

"It is culturally acceptable for women to have more intuitive power, however, men have the same capacity," says Kamm. Often this capacity is underdeveloped in men, but when a man like Ted Turner or Donald Trump taps into his intuition, it's called business sense.

Whatever you call it, intuition can be a powerful force in personal and professional growth. Kamm has seen that power source turn on in many of her students. "I see people's eyes light up in a class that I'm teaching as they give themselves permission to understand what they have known for years: that they are intuitive," says Kamm. "And their hearts lift and they are so empowered by that realization."

When we develop our gut instinct or intuition, we become more serene and healthy because we intuitively know which food, what work, and what environment is right for us. By trusting our intuition over our emotions, we also can find success in relationships that have eluded us in the past. 

If you're searching for greater peace and good health, start with your gut.

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