Intuition Your Inner GPS - Self Discipline of Serenity

Written by Lauren Long

Before these exercises in the self-discipline of serenity, Steinback would analyze problemsand situations to death. This habit kept the problems alive and her stress level up. Now that Steinback has intuition on her side, all that has changed. "I can calm myself down in a matter of five minutes now before it would take days to calm down."

Steinback says her intuition has deepened, improving the clarity of answers she receives in her life and guiding her in better directions. "I am not as impatient and I don't jump into things," she says. "I've become more aware of answers that are right in front of me. I trust my judgments more and know that I have all the answers inside, if I slow down long enough to listen."

We need to slow down and develop our intuitive ability in order to discern the information that is coming at us at such a high speed today, says Kamm. "A lot of people are overworked and overwrought and can't quiet their minds enough to think about where they should go in life." 

Developing intuitiontakes self-discipline and people may need to work on that for a while. "You need a genuine desire to wake up," says Kamm. When you do, you'll reap the reward of intuition: discernment and the ability to chose the right path.

We've all heard of a woman's intuition, but where does that leave men? Do women have greater intuition or has the culture given them permission to develop this higher faculty, while denying men access?

"It is culturally acceptable for women to have more intuitive power, however, men have the same capacity," says Kamm. Often this capacity is underdeveloped in men, but when a man like Ted Turner or Donald Trump taps into his intuition, it's called business sense.

Whatever you call it, intuition can be a powerful force in personal and professional growth. Kamm has seen that power source turn on in many of her students. "I see people's eyes light up in a class that I'm teaching as they give themselves permission to understand what they have known for years: that they are intuitive," says Kamm. "And their hearts lift and they are so empowered by that realization."

When we develop our gut instinct or intuition, we become more serene and healthy because we intuitively know which food, what work, and what environment is right for us. By trusting our intuition over our emotions, we also can find success in relationships that have eluded us in the past. 

If you're searching for greater peace and good health, start with your gut.

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