The Power of Energy and Why You Should Be Optimistic

Written by Success Television

We're powerful individuals with an immense ability to be creative.  We can create positive outcomes and moods with our family and acquaintances.  Same goes the other way.  Here are some stories about how you can manage your energy, stress and live a more productive fulfilled life.

Why optimism? by Karlin Sloan

“A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.”—Harry Truman

Optimism's benefitsThere are even health benefits to being an optimistic person and cultivating an optimistic state of being such as:

  1. Longer life
  2. Better quality of life
  3. Stronger immune system
  4. Illnesses are less severe

Read more for the other reasons why you should be optimistic>>


Case for Quiet to Re-calibrate by Rena Reese

You are in good company if the comfort of your smart phone ear buds has become just as important as the comfort of your shoes—if not more so.  After all, it seems that our attachment to our continuous stream of information has moved from the nice-to-have category to the must-have.  This truth has us accessing information while at the gym, during our commute and doing other activities.

Perhaps this is not you.  Maybe you are among those who do not bring your phone along when walking your dog or heading into the bathroom.  Maybe you do not reach over to your bedside table to check Facebook even before stepping out of bed in the morning and the last thing in the evening.

There is still a contingent of people who spend the final moments of each day before settling for bed reading, sitting quietly in meditation or journaling the day’s events.  This same contingent likely also prefers to keep the TV off at bedtime choosing not to invite the outside world into that sacred space.  If you are among this group you know a significant truth.

Silence can re-align and re-calibrate your life >>

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How to Change the Energy in Your Home by Faith Davis

I'm sure you've noticed that when you are in a bad mood, somehow things get worse. You know how it is: Your husband comes home and suddenly he’s in a bad mood as well, your kids start acting out and not cooperating, the tasks you take on don’t go as you had hoped, and everything just feels miserable.

I don’t want to be the barer of bad news, but when that happens, it is probably because you brought it on yourself.

Energy is all around us and the energy that you put out changes the energy of your household (or any location you are in). Read more about shifting your energy >>


Why Play is so Important by Sandwiched BoomersHow Play reduces stress and boosts creativity

We all know about the importance of play for the emotional growth and development of children. It can enhance their imagination, increase social skills and boost self-confidence. So why don't we place more value on play for ourselves?

According to a recent study by the Families and Work Institute, half of American women don’t have enough time to spend on themselves and the activities they enjoy.

Early on, girls tend to be collaborative, communicative and caring – you can see it when they play house and mother their dolls. And these traits become even more entrenched as the years go by. We often put the needs of family before our own and are kept busy nurturing our aging parents and growing kids. Of course, you can’t abandon the never ending to-do lists around family and domestic duties.

But don’t you think you also deserve to identify your other, more personal priorities? Read more about how play relieves stress and boosts creativity >>

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