Learning From Life's Lessons

Written by Sierra Alvis

The more we know, the more we grow.  The key to life's momentum is to ask yourself some questions and review life's lessons. 

What will happen if we don't re-evaluate ourselves?

If we live our lives inside a box, then the light in our eyes goes out. Our soul shuts down.

When we enter the second lifetime and tap into the soul, we have to have a very healthy self-esteem. If we only do what we can do well, even though we're somewhat bored or it no longer has the luster, that's when we go into depression. We'll not be able to go forward, unless we do the psychological work, which is really spiritual work. What we know right now and have experienced could be compared to an island. In contrast, there is a sea of infinite possibilities that we have still to tap into and experience.

Do you think that when people embark on a new life or career, the lessons and skills they've acquired thus far are easily transferable?

We will take our strengths and skills into our new life, but in order for us to open up to the future, we need to become learners again. When you're a learner, you're perfect because you are going through a process of self-correction. We need to let go of the "be perfect" script, which says if you don't do it right the first time, then don't do it at all.

Can your second life be better than your first?

It will be more expansive. Let's compare it with a 75-watt bulb. You get a lot of light with a 75-watt bulb, but when we expand our horizon and are looking at our planetary purpose and global direction and our interdependence with humanity and getting a vision that not only affects us, but the whole, we become like a 150-watt bulb. We're vibrating. We're living with bigger ideas and bigger concepts. And our imagination and our vistas just naturally expand.

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