How to Save Money and Feel Powerful

Written by Heather Kim

There’s a switch that happens when you first start to thinking of saving money and limitinghow to save money and feel powerful your consumption. Instead of feeling deprived, you start to feel empowered. You’re the one making the choices. You are no longer a passive consumer but an empowered decision-maker.

Let's invert this "how to" on saving money and list the benefits first.

Benefits of a Saving Mindset:

  • Less clutter: have you ever noticed you think more clearly with less clutter distracting you plus you get to help people in need by donating?
  • Better for the environment: less consumption means less waste. The planet needs that don’t you think?
  • Conscious choice: this makes you feel empowered versus caving to a ‘want’ and then later regretting the purchase. Just think what you’re teaching your children.
  • More productive: learning to fix a leaky faucet or shorten a hem makes you feel powerful. It has something to do with working with your hands. You just feel more productive and, if you’re lucky, you’ll save a lot of money
  • Empowered saver: you’re now in the driver’s seat with cash in the bank. Want to splurge on a spa visit or vacation or eventually start your own business? You can because you’ve built a nest egg. You’ve switched your thinking so now you ‘ get a high’ from saving rather then spending. Just imagine your lowered stress levels and the effect that will have on your family and friends!
  • More Skilled or Fit: you're using your precious resource, time, more wisely to learn something new and/or to exercise and be healthier.

How to Save Money painlessly and really enjoy yourself:

  • Use Groupon, Living Social, BlackboardEats, etc. These online goodies can save you boat loads in dining out! You’ll find all sorts of gym and fitness deals as well. If you know you’re going to be getting together with a friend, why not check out these resources ahead of time and save 30%? You can have them send you emails of their deals.
  • Travel deals: Travelzoo and Jetsetter are two great sites that offer extraordinary travel deals. If you know you’re going on vacation in the summertime or you can plan for a vacation, you can save on hotels and airfares. We’re talking great hotel/spas for as much as half off.
  • Plan for sales. With a little research, you can find when the best sales start. It’s actually getting to the point where sales are continuous. You can try on clothes when they’re full priced and then wait until a sale and buy them. With Talbot’s a neat trick is to do that and then search online for the items. This way you can get as as much as 66% off. You can use this same method for finding the best dish network specials or other offers as well.
  • Eat at home: Try to eat at home as much as possible. You will probably lose weight this way since you can control which ingredients (oil, sugar) you use. Restaurants use a ton of oil or butter for taste. With the right spices, you can eat delicious food and save money.
  • Walk or exercise: you’ll find the time spent on these activities will keep you from mindless shopping and temptation. Being in nature will lift your spirits and clear your head. As a dear friend once said, “We’re animals and we need to exercise.” Ever since he said that, a day doesn’t go by where I don’t feel the need to get some exercise.
  • Learn something new: With free course from MIT and now, Coursera, “Free Education for Everyone”, you can actually learn about world history or computer science and more from top universities like Stanford and Princeton. You can even get a certificate that you can list on your resume.

Good luck and please share your tips and benefits from saving money.

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