How to Live a Conscious Life or At Least Save Money

Written by Helen Whelan

As we move forward in the New Year, it takes a lot of vigilance to stay focused and move toward…not drift away from our goals and what we want. Sometimes we don’t have clarity on what action to take to move towards our goals. We need thinking time or exploration time but instead we sedate ourselves, avoid our feelings and what? Shop of course!conscious living and shopping

Besides draining the bank account, what’s worst is we spend so much time online or in stores, searching or trying to make the best decision on what shoes to buy or what camping gear to get. We think we’re smart by figuring out the best, latest, greatest tech gear. But, what does this all mean besides wasting time?

Robert A. Murphy wrote this incredible story for, What I learned from a Six Month Spending Freeze about the short-term emotional benefits shopping provided:

“Throughout the last few months I've been keeping tally of my emotional impulses (what else can I do with all of this free time?). There are trends in what and how I look for purchases. Some results include:

  • I am inclined to purchase survival type equipment when I feel powerless
  • I am inclined to research vacations or travel options when I feel stuck
  • I am prone to distract myself with entertainment when I know I have something serious to consider or accomplish
  • I am inclined to purchase cooking equipment when I feel tired of what I'm doing at home”

It’s often difficult to feel “the space” of time. That void can seem interminable. But, once we experience it, the creativity and self-reflection the surffaces allows us to feel and take action to move forward. Better to know this in January than in December, looking back at a year of shopping and being no where near achieving the goals we set. 

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