How to Change Your Mood and Transform Your Circumstances

Written by Heather Kim

Managing our moods, how we treat other people, overcoming obstacles -- all contribute to our happiness and success. It's all about how we think, react and persevere. Here are some great articles to help you pop out of a bad mood or find those blind spots holding you back from the transformation you to get out of a bad mood

Get Yourself Out of a Bad Mood by Faith M. Davis

We all have those days when we don't feel quite right. Maybe we just don’t feel like dealing with the day ahead or we fear it is going to be a bad day. Maybe we are sick of doing the work we have to do. Or maybe we just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Here's how to change how you feel, almost instantly.


Watching Your Bias by Craig Nathanson

Review this list of names for a moment:


Jot down what comes to mind next to each name.  Do you have a bias?

Work takes up the majority of our life. The contributions we make, the feedback we receive, the new opportunities – all contribute to our self-esteem. When people feel good about their work, they communicate better, establish better working relationships, and feel more positive. When people are not treated fairly, they hold back ideas, don't help their peers as much and sometimes might even have negative things to say to customers about where they work. All this is bad for business. Read more about how bias can derail your chance of success >>


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Stories of Resilience by Karlin Sloan

Stories of resilienceMost people who achieve amazing results must, at one time or another, use their resilience in order to achieve those results. We all have these stories, and it’s worth looking at some of these tales, and how miraculously resilient we humans can be!

Famous stories of resilience can remind us of how powerful we are to transform our circumstances.

  1. Richard Branson had dyslexia and poor academic performance as a student. The entrepreneur behind the famous Virgin brands, he now owns 360 companies and is worth over 2.4 billion dollars

Read about the three other people who have great stories of resilience >>


Want to improve your memory?

Take a new route to work or brush your teeth with the opposite hand, and you'll give your brain a workout. Stimulation is the key to mental fitness.

Taking the side streets to work is like step aerobics for the brain. Getting dressed with your eyes closed are the jumping jacks. Learning classical guitar is a lifetime membership to Gold's Gym.

Working your brain in new ways helps to preserve memory. This is because neural connections between brain cells disappear when they aren't needed. You build these synapses simply by doing different things. Here's how >>


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