Goal Setting Training Advice - What's your goal?

Written by Paul Wolf

If your goal is a marathon, and part of your training is to run several 10K races, don't strive tosetting realistic goals reach new goals with those races. Instead of going for your best time, use the smaller races to work on your form or maneuvering in a cluster of runners; skills that will benefit you in the pursuit of your long-term marathon goal.

Set too many difficult short-term goals, and you're likely to get distracted from your long-term goal. And if the distraction doesn't thwart you, the burnout will.

Say you're in sales, for example. You can't be a star performer every week. You may have to stand back and let someone else grab the headlines while you secure new clients to come back stronger in the next month.

"In business, you can't drive yourself every day. In running, you can't go all-out every day," says Shorter, who has given himself permission to take downtime and breaks from competition.

Another of Shorter's strategies for success is the concept that energy is limited, so you had better use it wisely.

A trained lawyer who has been too busy following his dreams to launch a practice, Shorter says there were times in the early days when he could not give both academics and running his full attention. Later in life, when he was establishing Frank Shorter Sports (an international sportswear concern), he could not give both business and running his full attention.

You can't always take it to the next level every step of the way, says Shorter. You have to take time to absorb the lessons of the last workout or business venture. You have to have the confidence to let go of that need to be number one, to trust yourself that you'll come back stronger the next time.

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