Create Balance with Spiritual Order

Written by Pat Sullivan

If you seek order in your life, forget logic and build around your purpose.getting rid of emotional and spiritual clutter

If your life is cluttered or disorganized the first step to creating order may be to look at your emotional and spiritual life. 

Peter was once torn between messy and neat-freak tendencies.  In therapy, he learned that his obsessive orderliness stemmed from growing up in a family that moved frequently.  Often, he'd just learn the norms of one place when it was time to move somewhere with different customs.  At the same time, a rebellious streak developed early as a reaction to several types of authority figures.

Watch This Video! Wellness guru, Andrew Weil, believes there are no coincidences.  Watch how to focus on what's going on around you.

After facing these issues, Peter found it easy to develop a playful and effective system for keeping order. When he opens mail, he immediately tosses it into the trash or into one of several colorful baskets.  There's one for bills and legal matters, one for catalogs, and another for whatever else needs attention.  Other baskets are placed throughout his home office where messes used to accumulate. 

Every day, Peter listens to music as he empties his baskets. When he's feeling rebellious, his music can get very raucous. When he wants stability, his music is much more serene. Like Peter, you may find that when you explore emotional or spiritual issues, order naturally evolves.  The work of creating order may also enhance your personal and spiritual growth. 

When several of my friends de-cluttered recently, one discovered that tossing stuff from an old relationship helped her finish healing and make room for a better relationship.

Another friend saw that many of her incomplete projects reflected attempts to gain approval from others.  After working to clarify her own purpose and self-worth, it became easy for her to finish her most pressing projects and learn to let go of those that didn't meet her purpose.

Before considering how to create order in your life and work, reflect on what order means to you.  For example, how will order help you have more time and energy for the people and things that matter most?  How can it help you serve yourself and others more efficiently and compassionately?

Next, let your creativity and intuition help you build a simple system for keeping your information, belongings and appointments in order.

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