9 Ways to Develop Your Intuition to Succeed

Written by Lauren Long

Develop your intuition to successfully get the job, relationship and life you want.

When we develop our gut instinct or intuition, we become more serene and healthy. We intuitively know which foods, what work, and what relationships are right for us.

Learn to develop your intuition with these nine tips from medical intuitive Laura Alden Kamm, author of the book, A Step-by-Step Guide to Intuitive Wellness.



Achieve Your Dreams

Boost Your Self Confidence
Tap into your Spiritual Roots
Questions to Ask Yourself  
1. Believe that you can change. What is the first step to developing your intuition? "You need a genuine desire to wake up," says Kamm. Desire change, believe you can make it happen, and it will.

2. Listen to yourself. Listen deeply, intuitively and daily to your truths.

3. Meditate daily. Meditate for at least 20 minutes every day, pray and contemplate. "There is too much noise in the world," says Kamm. "We need time alone."

4. Keep a journal. Keep a record of your thoughts and observations in order to plot your progress.

5. Get in touch with nature. Immerse yourself in nature. Get outside and appreciate the beauty of the environment, and you will understand the infinite power you possess.

6. Breathe. Use deep breathing as a tool to calm yourself. While you're breathing, think about your innate wisdom and intuitive ability.

7. Trust yourself. Trust your judgment and know that you have the answers inside, if you take the time to listen." We need to slow down and develop our intuitive ability in order to discern the information that is coming at us at such a high speed today," says Kamm.

8. Think of disappointment as an opportunity. Develop your intuition, and you tap into a well of self-healing power, says Kamm, who encourages her clients to think even of illness as an opportunity to make positive life changes.

9. Visualize your happiness. If you're not living the kind of life you want to live, picture yourself living a happy life. Then ask yourself what you can do differently to make the dream a reality.

Photographer: Johnny Lye

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