My Friend's Kids Are a Pain

Author: Elizabeth Pantley

Pick your battles, when spending time with your friend's children. If they really drive you crazy, let them battle it out at home and opt for an adult night to manage bad behavior in the neighbor's kids


Are You Over-Scheduling Your Kids?

Author: K.C. Compton

With four children ages 6 to 16, Tina Vander Stel sometimes feels more like a field marshal on maneuvers than a mother.over scheduling kids


Women Olympian Traits We Can Possess

Author: Rosemary and Phyllis

Ever since Title IX guaranteed equal funding for girls' sports programs 40 years ago, we'veOlympic traits and sports benefits for girls seen the results in school, the workplace and women's self-confidence. Studies have shown that girls who play sports in high school are more likely to do better in science classes, complete college, avoid substance abuse and join the workforce. And the more time they spend participating in team sports, the higher their self-esteem.

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