Redefine Your Image: Get the Body You Want - They're born that way

The reality: "I was the kid who hid when the ball came toward me," admits Price. "I hadvarious ways to exercise more passes to get out of PE than any two people I knew." For Price, as for many fit adults, athleticism was not something she embraced from the start. Gym class, her first experience with sports, only reinforced her insecurities and made her feel that she wasn't athletic. "It was all about fitness tests and the same people who always got chosen first for teams," she recalls.

If you think you're not athletic because you weren't the quarter back of the football team or the star field hockey player, you're wrong. There are many different kinds of athleticism. A great walker can have an athletic body without ever picking up a ball or stick. Price discovered her fit self when she discovered dancing. "I think everyone can find something like that that they find a highlight, not a chore."

Thin people don't know what it's like to feel uncomfortable in their bodies.

The reality: Price knows how it feels to be frustrated and disappointed by her body. She is a survivor of two near-fatal automobile accidents (both were the fault of the other driver), the first of which shattered her heel and broke every bone in her face.

After the first accident, Price, then a teacher, decided to dedicate her life to fitness. Sixteen years after the first accident, she was again hit head-on by another car. This time she shattered the shin and ankle of the previously damaged leg. "My first thought was, 'how can I possibly go through this again?' My second thought was, 'well, I just will.' "

Price had to learn to walk a third time. She knows what it's like to be exhausted from a trip to the mailbox. "But you can choose whether to be discouraged because that's all you can do today, or exhilarated because you did more than you could yesterday," she says. 

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