Redefine Your Image: Get the Body You Want - They never blow off their workouts

They never blow off their workouts.

The reality: "The hardest thing for me is that, like many people, I'm a very good procrastinator," confesses Price. "It's so easy to find other things that are 'more important' than exercise at the time. But the thing you have to realize, and what I tell my clients, is that there is nothing more important than keeping yourself healthy." 

On the days she skips her workout, she makes every effort to go dancing that night. Single, Price admits she'd "rather be out swing dancing with men then doing the grape vine with a bunch of women in an aerobics class." Everyone needs to find those one or two activities that they really enjoy: roll around on the floor with your kids, ride a bike or run with your dog. Even better if your activities are social ones.

They think exercise is fun all the time.

The reality: Even fitness fanatics lose their motivation from time to time. But the good news is that exercising is as habit forming as not exercising. "At first you have to mentally drag yourself by the scruff of the neck and out the door," confesses Watson. "But after you get more fit, your body won't let you not work out." Eventually, you need to exercise in order to feel balanced. "If I don't get any activity, I sleep restlessly," he says. "My legs twitch. It's like my body is calling out, `give me what I've come to expect.' " 

They actually think exercise feels good.

The reality: Even when you're fit, exercise doesn't immediately feel good at the start of each workout, admits Price. "It takes five minutes to work my way into it," she says. "The first five minutes I'm doing the "what time is it?" thing."

To get over the initial hump, Price tells her clients the same thing she tells herself: just make the effort to exercise for five minutes and then you can stop. "Of course, then they won't want to."

They get to feel good about the way they look all the time.

The reality: "I'm amazed at how quickly [my body is] aging, despite my best intentions," admits Price. "I'm surprised by the wrinkles. I'm fighting to maintain the fitness level that I have had over the years."

While Price gets frustrated like everyone else, she doesn't let it get in the way of progress. Her motto: "Pretty good for a 56-year-old, huh?" That's part of what keeps her motivated. "The other part is never forgetting for a minute about those two automobile accidents," she adds.

They never eat junk food.

The reality: "I eat pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches - I also eat fruit and vegetables and whole grains," says Watson. While he admits he likes to eat and drink a beer or two, Watson says it's all a matter of give and take. "I work out and it works off the calories." Working out, he adds, "lets you live life more fully." Instead of feeling guilty when you occasionally indulge, when you work out regularly, you feel you have earned it. Imagine food being fun again.

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