How to Make Your Mind More Nimble

Written by Helen Whelan

Want to remember more? Be smarter? Still have those innovative juices in you?Make your brain more nimble 

Recently, a Q&A on Quora showed a fantastic thread on whether older computer programmers still had it in them to code or wanted to code. This is usually thought of as a young person's occupation. Think Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame. Here's an example of the comments:

"I don't think my capacity to learn new things has diminished, but my learning style has definitely changed: I've learned that I have to open my mind (stop assuming that I know what the author is saying before I read it)  when I am learning a new technology, so I think I learn better now than I used to." Bob Reynolds, writing code since the 1980's.

There are so many ways to keep ourselves flexible and nimble. Chic Thompson of What a Great Idea! gives some practical advice in this video.

Here are some other resources for your brain:

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